DermaSensor GP18

DermaSensor showcases ground-breaking skin cancer evaluation to General Practitioners on the Gold Coast

GOLD COAST, Australia, 11th October 2018: Today, DermaSensor, the medical device company that seeks to enable healthcare professionals to efficiently check for skin cancer, presents its ground-breaking technology concept to General Practitioners on the Gold Coast at the GP18 RACGP Annual Conference.

The event brings GPs from across Australia together in the Gold Coast for four days of education, skills building and networking. In addition to GPs, General Practice Registrars and Practise Nurses are also taking part.

The overarching theme of this year’s conference, ‘General Practice: The centre of health in Australia’, contains five sub-themes – Healthy Patients, Healthy Communities, Healthy Nation, Healthy Future and Healthy GP – each of which will be explored in presentations and educational activities. The learning activities on offer include 14 clinical sessions, 13 ALMs (active learning modules), 42 hours of abstracts, 13 hours of research, 21 CPR 9cardiopulmonary resuscitation) sessions and many more sessions.

DermaSensor’s Dr. Michael Bonning, Senior Director of Medical Affairs, Cody Simmons, CEO, Tori Fox, Marketing Manager ANZ, Christian Orb, Commercial Director, ANZ and Martina Clark, (Territory Business Manager) are in attendance conducting market research into the use-case for the DermaSensor device concept, a revolutionary, world-first technology, designed to augment clinician decision making by providing accurate differentiation between malignant and benign skin lesions.

This exciting breakthrough was achieved using Elastic Scattering Spectroscopy – a technology pioneered at Boston University and University College London that uses light to evaluate cellular and subcellular structures of the skin. The device is still undergoing FDA and TGA approval and is expected to be available in Australia in late-2020.

“We are delighted to be showcasing DermaSensor’s technology concept at the GP18 on the Gold Coast to introduce the concept of a skin health service that’s efficient, accurate and affordable,” enthuses Cody Simmons, CEO, DermaSensor.

This low-cost, easy-to-use device enables healthcare providers and patients to access fast, accurate skin lesion assessments to ultimately improve outcomes for patients with skin cancer.

DermaSensor aims to improve the way general practitioners assess the skin. The handheld DermaSensor device takes five quick recordings via non-invasive sub-cellular scans. This provides an immediate, objective result that’s typically more accurate than visual assessment alone.

Its speed and ease of use is intended to improve workflow by extending lesion identification and evaluation to trained team members. Patients can expect to experience fewer unnecessary complications or side effects and medical practitioners may spend less time on lengthy procedures.

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