Make DermaSensor Your New Standard of Care

A handheld device that assists in checking skin lesions for cancer in seconds

DermaSensor Device


DermaSensor Device

Simple Design. Effortless Application

  • Intuitive on-screen user interface guides you step-by-step through the evaluation
  • Activate a recording using either the touch-screen interface or conveniently positioned side buttons
  • DermaSensor is not a camera or dermatoscope. DermaSensor uses pulses of light and elastic scattering spectroscopy to assess a lesion’s cellular and sub-cellular structures.
    DermaSensor Device
    DermaSensor Device Tip

    Non-Invasive Micron-Level Precision

  • Light emitting tip gently and painlessly touches the surface of the skin while evaluating data below the skin surface
  • Precision optics within the tip capture pathological irregularities throughout a skin lesion as small as 2mm
  • Always at Your Side

  • The handheld unit charges wirelessly in the desktop base
  • Secure wireless connectivity allows you to transfer data between device and DermaSensor's desktop application DermaCore™
  • The small footprint and ergonomic design of the device allows it to be set up on your desk in minutes. No wall-mount installation or hardware required.
  • DermaSensor Device Charge
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